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Knight Racing Motorsport is the Motorsport division of Knight Racing, which was established in 2018 by Tom Knight to help support his successful Elite cycling career.


This program continues to this day, now known as the cycle division, but Tom has taken a step back from Elite competition and switched focus to a new chapter. Hence Knight Racing Motorsport was born. 

Knight Racing Motorsport is aiming to take its first step aboard the motorsport structure in 2024, following the purchase of a Caterham Super 7.  The ultimate target is to get on the grid of the Caterham Academy. A race series for amateur race drivers held in the United Kingdom. 

Tom will be the driver as well as the operator of the team, using his vast experience from the cycle division, to generate a successful program both on and off the track. Find out more about Tom below! 

The Caterham Academy is one of the best value series available for those, like us, who are looking to get into motorsport. That being said it's still expensive, so we are seeking partners to help offer support and get the program up and running. 

The academy not only offers some serious fun, but presents some great opportunities for brand exposure. 

Tom has a vast amount of experience in sponsor relations and marketing, so can truly make you're investment profitable and most importantly fun! 

Find out how to get involved below. 


who is tom?

Tom is a very accomplished cyclist. Racing mountain bikes for over 15 years, across multiple disciplines. During this time he remained highly dedicated, becoming a multi-time national champion and reaching the very highest levels of the sport. 


Alongside of his cycling career, he pursued his passion for engineering, obtaining multiple qualifications and a position at Rolls-Royce Aerospace in 2012. He still works there today, and has progressed to be Team Leader of the Test Facilities and Special to Project Equipment design teams. 

Tom has always had a keen interest motorsport, but his cycling always took priority. As he winds up his cycling career, he is very keen to re-assign his dedication and skill sets to this new venture. Knight Racing Motorsport.


  • Age: 31

  • D.O.B: 26/08/1992

  • Location: Derbyshire

  • Occupation: Engineer

  • Hobbies: Cycing, Driving & Gaming

  • Known For: Elite Cycling 

  • Likes: Percy Pigs

  • Hates: Middle lane hoggers

  • Favourite Circuit: Silverstone

Achievements In Cycling​:

  • 2022 National XC Championships - 8th Elite

  • 2021 HSBC National XC Series - 10th (Elite)

  • 2019 HSBC National XC Series Overall - 9th (Expert)

  • 2019 Midlands XC Series Overall - 4th

  • 2018 Midlands XC Series Overall - 2nd

  • 2018 HSBC National XC Champs - 2nd

  • 2018 Malverns Classic XC - 2nd

  • 2014 UCI 4X WC Fort William - 40th

  • 2010 National 4X Champs - 2nd

  • 2008 Midlands DH Champion

  • 2008 & 2010 National 4X Series Champion

  • 2008, 2007 & 2006 National 4X Champion

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